My Dilemma About Part Time Paramedic-ing

Tweet It’s been just over since I went on my last call as a paramedic and began teaching full time.  I love teaching, and the deeper I get into it the more I am sure the move was the right decision.  I also do not miss the lifestyle of rotating shifts and missing family events.  […]

Making Our Lowest Common Denominator EMT Even Lower

Tweet Kudos to NAEMT, which sent a letter to Virginia House Delegate Kathy Byron opposing a bill that would require less time to become an EMR and EMT. VA House Bill 1010… Provides that regulations of the Board of Health governing qualifications for certification of emergency medical services providers shall require no more than 40 […]

Pat Ivey’s EMT: Beyond the Lights and Sirens

Tweet When I was eleven years old, my father came home with a paperback book he had found titled EMT: Beyond the Lights and Sirens by Pat Ivey.  At the time I had a police scanner that I listened to religiously, and would hop on my bicycle to meet the Town of Tonawanda Paramedics on […]

Year In Reveiw and Most Read Posts

Tweet 2013 was quite a year for my family. The most exciting event took place in April when our second son was born.  We had a lot of fun around Christmas with him and his older brother.   On the professional side, I had an article published in EMS World, which landed me a spot […]

RIP Mike Smith

Tweet EMS lost a giant this morning when paramedic, educator, speaker, author, and patient advocate Mike Smith died of an apparent heart attack.  Mike spoke at several national and state conferences each year, had a monthly Beyond the Books column in EMS World, and co-edited the paramedic textbook my class uses. I was fortunate to […]

Respiratory Rate Above 28, Ventilate?

Tweet I recently attended my required canned trauma recertification course.  One of the points that was repeated in the lectures was was that patients should be ventilated with a bag valve mask if their respiratory rate is above 28.  No matter what the cause of their fast rate, regardless of whether they are awake and […]

The Lighter Stuff and War Stories

Tweet I’ve added two new categories to The Patient Perspective.  I started this blog to advocate for the patients we serve, and to ask the right questions about the care we deliver.  Stories that I share, for the most part, served the purpose of advocacy and professional reflection.  I originally did not intend to share […]

EMS Educast Recap

Tweet The timing of my announcing that I was moving from full-time field EMS to full-time education lined up nicely with the EMS Educast not having a guest scheduled.  With most of their guests being an expert about some aspect of EMS education, and me knowing relatively little about it, I jumped on the opportunity […]

MedicCast Recap

Tweet I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jamie “PodMedic” Davis on the MedicCast about my EMS World article, What Your System Should Deliver.  We covered a number of topics, and here are some of the highlights: 1. Response time is one thing that services should track, but it is not the most important […]

From the Field to the Classroom

Tweet A big change for me begins next month.  I’ve accepted a full-time position as a paramedic instructor with the community college where I previously taught as an adjunct.  I am very excited.  The position has a mix of time in the classroom, lab, hospital clinical rotations, and field internships.  I’m going to learn a […]