A Patient-Centered EMS Manifesto

Tweet In the June, 2013 issue of EMS World, I wrote an article titled Things Your System Should Deliver.  It is a description of what I believe our patients deserve from their EMS system.  Each item is based on evidence, and systems fail when they do not deliver them to eligible patients. I have always […]

Narc Policies that Make it Hard to Do the Right Thing

Tweet Several ALS procedures, such as intubation, IV fluids for trauma,  and ACLS drugs  have not been proven to make a difference or have been shown to cause harm.  Pain management, however, is one procedure that we positive does help. Consider this excerpt from a 2000 Journal of the Royal Army Medical Care article that Peter Canning […]

Who Will the Community Paramedics Be?

Tweet Last week I was in Washington DC for EMS on the Hill Day.  Unfortunately the meetings with our representatives were cancelled because a predicted but unrealized snow storm.  NAEMT anticipated that the government may close, and offered presentations about how healthcare reform will affect EMS reimbursement and the development of two Community Paramedic programs.  […]

Somewhere Between 8 Minutes and Whenever We Get There: That’s Our Problem

Tweet My friend and recently new coworker Scott “Medic SBK” Keir wrote about a pseudo-controversy from where he used to work about long response times.  In AMR’s contract with Springfield, MA, they must arrive within 10 minutes to priority 1 calls 95% of the time.  After one 17-minute respone time to a shooting, a reporter discovered that AMR […]

What’s the Point of Advanced EMTs and Intermediates?

Tweet Happy Medic and I share a hatred of the terms “basic” and “advanced” in relation to EMS provider and unit capabilities.  He writes about this in his post “The End of the EMT-Basic?” When I worked in Buffalo, EMT-Intermediates were primarily credentialed to start IV’s and intubate. When I worked in Virginia, EMT-Intermediates were credentialed […]

Comments on Corner Posting

Tweet My attack on the July cover story of JEMS generated some pretty passionate comments about corner posting, and got even more after Rogue Medic’s post.  Here is my response to some of them: In response to my request for evidence that corner posting improves clinical outcomes, High Performance EMS author Dale Loberger writes: Jersey […]

If You Haven’t Opened a Book Since School, You Probably Won’t Read This Anyway

Tweet It was the year 2000.  The Twin Towers stood tall, everyone was drunk with money they made from Al Gore’s internet, and race cars were driven by men.  I had just hit the streets of Buffalo as a cocky, know-it-all EMT, and was in college as a communications major. In my classes, a major point […]

Corner Posting: Better, Faster, & Cheaper than Stations? Prove It.

Tweet In the cover story of this month’s JEMS, Jonathan Washko adds more fuel to the fixed/static/hybrid deployment debate.  I’ve done all three, and found a home in a station-based hybrid system.  Washko concludes that street corner posting is better, faster, and cheaper than static or hybrid systems.  Unfortunately he presents his opinions as facts.  I happen to agree with some of […]

Part 1: Are We Any Better Than the Cable Company?

Tweet Last week our cable went out, I experienced the worst customer service from Comcast Cable than I have from any other company.  I had some time to think during the multiple windows during which one of their techs was supposed to show up but didn’t, which usually turns into a post. I started thinking about […]

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – Focus People

Tweet Another great episode of EMS Office Hours accompanied my workout today, and of course it stimulated some thoughts.  Here are some of them: First, more isn’t always better.  I know some people who love the AutoPulse, but they have no idea how many patients walk out of the hospital after having it put on. […]