A Difference in Culture

Tweet Last week Dr. Juliette Saussy’s resignation letter as medical director from DC Fire/EMS went viral. Rather than pencil whip the clinical skill verification for 700 provider’s National Registry recertification, she quit. She described a “toxic culture” at DFEMS and named names, from the fire chief, city council, the union, and crews who don’t answer […]

Coarse Asystole and Life Saving

Tweet Coarse Asystole is a new blog written by Sean Hulsman, a paramedic and educator in the Buffalo, NY. area.  I happened to do my first ride-along with in EMT class with him, and was fortunate enough to work as his partner a few times after. His clinical knowledge, the way he interacted with patients, […]

Book Review: A Matter of Inches

Tweet I stayed up late several nights over Christmas break reading Clint Malarchuk’s memoir, A Matter of Inches. Malarchuk is the former Buffalo Sabres goalie best known for having his jugular vein severed by a skate in 1989, and returned to play 10 days later. The book also covers his struggles with mental illness, alcohol […]

Earning A Spot in the Pit

Tweet Once or twice a week I precept paramedic students in an emergency department for their clinical rotations.  We assess patients and discuss what the treatment in the field may be, listen to lungs, start IV’s, administer medications, and practice other skills under supervision.  It is my favorite part of the work week, and I […]

The Logistics of Two-Week Paramedic Training

Tweet Last week’s hot EMS topic around social media, and the Inside EMS Podcast Clinical Issue, was Creighton University offering a two-week paramedic certification course for selected healthcare providers.  This came as quite a surprise from a university that offers bachelor’s and master’s paramedics programs taught by highly respected faculty.  I believe that this is […]

The Flawed Logic of EMT Before Paramedic

Tweet This morning I caught Chris Cebollero debate Kelly Grayson on the Inside EMS podcast about whether experience as an EMT should be required before entry into paramedic school.   Chris’s position is that it should be required, and is necessary to have experience interacting with patients before paramedic school.  Kelly believes it does not, and […]

How I Got My Master’s Degree

Tweet Yesterday I graduated from Wilmington University with a master’s degree in healthcare administration.  It took three years to complete, over which our second child was born and I changed jobs, and would not have been possible without the support of my family.  I hope that sharing why I did this, how I paid for […]

How Many Words Does It Take to Describe How Your System Works?

Tweet For my master’s thesis, I spent a great deal of time figuring out how to explain the EMS system in my area  in a language that would be understood by non-EMS people.  It took 227 words: Ambulances in the study are staffed exclusively at the BLS level. They are operated and overseen by 21 […]

Planting the Community Paramedic Seeds

Tweet Once a week I precept a group of my paramedic students in the emergency department.  It is one of the highlights of my work week.  I get to watch the students apply what we cover in the class, get my own contact with patients, and interact with the ED staff.  One day two of […]

The Adrenaline Rush Is a Bonus

Tweet Last week I got a email from an author who is writing a book about career options.  She asked if she could speak to me about career or volunteer opportunities in EMS.  I wrote back and we chatted for about 20 minutes later that day.  One of her questions was what kind of qualities […]