The EMS Spouse’s Perspective On Post-Traumatic Stress

Tweet It’s almost Halloween, and I think my husband is haunted. He’s worked in the EMS system in four states over fifteen years.  When we visit his hometown where he started, and when we drive around where we live now, I wonder how much he is haunted by calls he’s responded to.  He has a […]

First Responder Safety: More from an EMS Spouse

Tweet I want my husband to live a long time. Something along the lines of “forever” would be perfect. But I’m a realist, and because I’m a realist, I know that there are things that jeopardize his safety while he’s at work. I used to spend a lot of time worrying about shootings and drug […]

The EMS Spouse’s Perspective

Tweet I think of going to work the same way I think of going to the gym: I usually don’t want to go, but I’m always happy when I get there. My husband has always had a much better attitude about both. I met my husband on Christmas Eve, and when I asked him what […]