The Timing Was Right

Tweet A few years ago, I received a voice mail from my service’s medical director.  He asked me to call him back.  That had never happened before, and I was a bit nervous. I called him back, left him a message, and went into work for a night shift. After picking up dinner a few […]

The Logistics of Two-Week Paramedic Training

Tweet Last week’s hot EMS topic around social media, and the Inside EMS Podcast Clinical Issue, was Creighton University offering a two-week paramedic certification course for selected healthcare providers.  This came as quite a surprise from a university that offers bachelor’s and master’s paramedics programs taught by highly respected faculty.  I believe that this is […]

The Flawed Logic of EMT Before Paramedic

Tweet This morning I caught Chris Cebollero debate Kelly Grayson on the Inside EMS podcast about whether experience as an EMT should be required before entry into paramedic school.   Chris’s position is that it should be required, and is necessary to have experience interacting with patients before paramedic school.  Kelly believes it does not, and […]

The Logistics Of Managing a Patient With Anaphylaxis

Tweet This week I taught the immunology section for my paramedic class.  I broke the class into groups to do case studies, and one was for a 12-year-old with anaphylaxis with stridor and difficulty breathing.  Towards the end of their treatment plan on the white board, the group wrote that they would intubate if the […]

What Should I Teach About Anaphylaxis?

Tweet I’m seeking some advice from my educator friends about what to teach about anaphylaxis to my paramedic class next week.  The textbook we use, which for the most part I like, states in a “words of wisdom” box: Flushing (from vasodilation) and tachycardia are so characteristic of anaphylactic shock that it is very questionable […]

Making Our Lowest Common Denominator EMT Even Lower

Tweet Kudos to NAEMT, which sent a letter to Virginia House Delegate Kathy Byron opposing a bill that would require less time to become an EMR and EMT. VA House Bill 1010… Provides that regulations of the Board of Health governing qualifications for certification of emergency medical services providers shall require no more than 40 […]

She Passed the Hand-Drop Test

Tweet I was in a bad mood one afternoon when we were called for a 35 year-old-female with chest pain.   As we pulled up behind the fire truck in front of her high-rise apartment building, I thought that it was silly to send six people on a call like this.  I thought for a second […]

Pondering the Future of EMS Education

Tweet Following up my post about the final EMS Educast episode, the panel discussed what the future of the profession and education would look like. Greg and Rob both stated that all certified EMS providers should be called paramedics, instead of the alphabet soup of certification levels we have now.  Rob also mentioned how in […]

So Long EMS Educast

Tweet Yesterday I listened to the final episode of the EMS Educast.  I am sad that Greg, Bill, and Rob will no longer record new episodes, but am excited about what the co-hosts have in store for the future of EMS. Greg mentioned that he began the podcast at a low point in his career, […]

Enter the No IAFF Spin Zone

Tweet The issue of DC hiring single-role paramedics has been in the news recently, where a lot of opinions have been presented as facts in the media.  Following up on the All Hazards Myth, most of those opinions are Fire-Service Based EMS Advocates talking points.  With a dwindling number of fires and increasing number of […]