Narc Policies that Make it Hard to Do the Right Thing

Tweet Several ALS procedures, such as intubation, IV fluids for trauma,  and ACLS drugs  have not been proven to make a difference or have been shown to cause harm.  Pain management, however, is one procedure that we positive does help. Consider this excerpt from a 2000 Journal of the Royal Army Medical Care article that Peter Canning […]

Part 1: Are We Any Better Than the Cable Company?

Tweet Last week our cable went out, I experienced the worst customer service from Comcast Cable than I have from any other company.  I had some time to think during the multiple windows during which one of their techs was supposed to show up but didn’t, which usually turns into a post. I started thinking about […]

What Should the Basic EMS Package Include?

Tweet When you pick a cell phone, cable, or internet plan, packages range from basic to premium, extreme, or turbo. When you call 911, that choice is made by local system design and a dispatch triage program. On EMS Office Hours, Jim, Josh, and I discussed whether certain medications should be included in the BLS […]

Response Grid Ridiculousness

Tweet About 400 miles away from where A Tale of Four Street Corners takes place is another example of a ridiculous response pattern. In an area where I once worked, a city was protected by a Paid City Fire Department and a private ambulance company.  Fire and ambulance service outside the city are delivered by […]

Shootings and Seizures

Tweet I still get excited about shootings.  I don’t know why, and am frankly a little embarrassed about it.  I’ve been on about 80 or so in the past twelve years.  The novelty has certainly worn off, but for some reason I walk a little faster to the truck and must resist the urge to […]

Call 911and pray: a tale of four street corners

Tweet This was the title of an article that appeared in the September 2001 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine.   It describes how inconsistent EMS delivery is across the country, and adverse events that resulted in lawsuits against EMS agencies. “It depends not just on what state or municipality you live in, but because individual EMTs’ […]