3 Things I Took Away From Linchpin

Tweet I recently read Linchpin: How To Make Yourself Indespensible by Seth Godin. It discusses how technology has made creativity more valuable to organizations, how to use your creativity to get more satisfaction out of your work. It is my favorite Godin book that I have read so far and many points apply to EMS […]

Book Review: Community Health Paramedic

Tweet I had the opportunity to read a copy of the new AAOS Community Health Paramedic textbook: It provides concise overview of the logistical, interpersonal and clinical aspects of preventive healthcare and chronic disease management. I think it provides a good foundation for paramedics interested in working as a community paramedic, and also a valuable […]

3 Things I Learned From Power of Habit

Tweet I recently finished reading The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business by Charles Duhigg. The book covers a number of areas of interest to EMS providers, students, and educators. Here are three things I learned from it: 1. The cue-routine-reward habit loop. Much of what we do […]

Book Review: Cardiac Dysrhythmia Interpretation Workbook by Rob Theriault

Tweet The eight edition of former EMS Educast cohost Rob Theriault’s self published Cardiac Dysrhythmia Interpretation Workbook is out, which I believe is the biggest EMS-book bargain out right now. The book begins with an explanation of cardiac A&P and electrophysiology, along with diagrams and metaphors for explanation. For example, Theriault describes conduction as like […]