Full Circle of Simulation

Tweet This fall two things happened that ended up being related, though I didn’t know it at the time. One happened in September when I took over as lab coordinator for my school’s paramedic program. Now I am having lots of fun coordinating our students’ skill practice and running simulation scenarios. The other was that […]

Gloves…Body Armor…Why Not Helmets?

Tweet I recently had the opportunity to try the B2 EMT Paramedic Helmet, which is designed for everyday EMS use. I wore it while teaching the day long NAEMT EMS Safety Course and while working at a large outdoor music festival. I found the helmet was easy to wear and did not impair teaching or […]

3 Things I Took Away From Linchpin

Tweet I recently read Linchpin: How To Make Yourself Indespensible by Seth Godin. It discusses how technology has made creativity more valuable to organizations, how to use your creativity to get more satisfaction out of your work. It is my favorite Godin book that I have read so far and many points apply to EMS […]

SCA & Opioid Overdose, Pulmonary Embolism on EMS 1

Tweet Over at EMS 1 I have two clinical articles up. In How To Treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Opioid Overdose I wrote about how to tell the difference between ineffective breathing from sudden cardiac arrest versus opioid overdose and how the management is different. In 4 Things EMS Providers Need To Know About Pulmonary […]

Book Review: Community Health Paramedic

Tweet I had the opportunity to read a copy of the new AAOS Community Health Paramedic textbook: It provides concise overview of the logistical, interpersonal and clinical aspects of preventive healthcare and chronic disease management. I think it provides a good foundation for paramedics interested in working as a community paramedic, and also a valuable […]

Tips For Running Lab Scenarios on EMS 1

Tweet Have you ever run a lab scenario, whether in an initial education class or for continuing education, that just went out of control? Perhaps it was done on the fly and one decision by the team derailed the scenario from the direction you had in mind. Perhaps some equipment failed or an actor went […]

Takeaway from the EMS 3.0 Transformation Summit

Tweet A few weeks ago I went on a call for a 23 year old patient who had a toothache. She had had a tooth removed at a hospital-based dental clinic four hours earlier and wanted a ride to that hospital’s emergency department for the pain. She gathered her things, walked to the ambulance, sat […]

3 Things I Learned From Making It Stick

Tweet Peter Brown and Henry Roediger’s Making it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning describes how to become productive learners. It covers learning classroom material and skills, uses examples from schools, businesses and athletics, the concepts are very applicable to EMS students and educators. Here are three things I took away from Making it Stick: […]

Big NREMT Changes For Paramedics

Tweet Last summer I attended an NREMT Scenario Development Workshop, which was one of the best courses I have taken. The workshop covered the new portfolio requirements for paramedic students during their program, the new patient care scenario station on NREMT testing day and how to develop scenarios that prepare students for work in the […]

Breathe Easy Kevin

Tweet I met Kevin Przybyl on my tour of the Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance station in 1999. I had been accepted as a member a few hours earlier and was waiting for my EMT card to arrive in the mail. Kevin was an EMT-I and a line officer, and a few months later he became a […]