Active Learning About Capnography in Paramedic Chief

Yours truly has an article in the spring edition Paramedic Chief about how to use active learning to teach about capnography. I am fortunate to work at a school that encourages creativity and active methods of instruction, and I wrote the article to give educators some tools to try something besides the traditional lecture from slides. These are a few techniques that can engage learners and encourage participation in the lesson. I also wanted to share about the many applications of capnography, particularly in the detection of sepsis.

Also in this issue:

  • Rom Duckworth has an article about FOAMed.
  • Robert Avsec has an article about how to stay up to date with online EMS training and education.
  • Dan Limmer has an article about teaching how to teach anatomy and physiology online.
  • Bruce Chew has an article about assigning articles for discussion with a group messaging app.
  • Kelly Grayson has an article about teaching dinosaurs to evolve.

Check out the spring issue of Paramedic Chief here.

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