Meet the Practical Medic

I am very excited to have a column up at EMS 1 now as the Practical Medic. My goal is to break down barriers between the classroom and the street, and write about ways to apply topics in a way that works in the field.

I am a huge fan of Dr. Scott Weingard, whose EmCrit Podcast was designed to bring care from the ICU into the emergency department. One of his recurring themes is “amateurs discuss strategy; experts discuss logistics.” On the education side, I plan to write about ways for educators to present material in a way that set up students to practically apply what they learn. For street level providers, I will discuss ways to apply safe practices that set them up to succeed, using things like checklists and crew resource management.

My first article discussed how educators can use videos to teach. Part of it covers documentation, which can be a painful topic for both students and educators. YouTube and reality TV can make this easier. After a reading assignment, or listening to a podcast about what should be included in a PCR narrative, have students write a narrative about a call on an EMS reality show, and have them share it for the group. This gets students engaged and identifies weak areas, and can be done for both initial and continuing education.

I’ve written about concept application with other EMS 1 projects. In a series sponsored by Pulsara, I covered 10 things you need to know about:

For the CapnoAcademy, I wrote about:

I hope these articles leave providers with nuggets they can apply to their next patient, or for educators to apply to their next lesson.



  1. Bob, you are doing great work. Keep it up!

  2. you guys are doing a great job.
    here in my country, the gorvernment are yet to etablish ems system, we really need help and more trainning on how to be tactical in our responce.
    thank you guys….

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