Thanks Dave, and So Long

I was fortunate to first meet Dave Konig at EMS Today 2011. It was at the exhibit hall, where I usually find the volume of people, devices, and flashing lights overstimulating. I immediately felt a connection with the group of people gathered around the podcast studio, where I hung out with Dave and some other bloggers for over an hour. He and I chatted about blogging, about his vision for creating a space for EMS to tell its story, unfiltered, ethically, and with shared respect of different viewpoints. I shared my idea about starting a blog, and how I was intimidated by the technical aspect of maintaining it. A few months later my my blog was born on his network, and he has served as a mentor ever since.

Next week and my site will be moving. Thank you Dave for all of the hard work you have put into this network over five years. Congratulations on the success it has enjoyed, and also for self-publishing three books over that time. EMS is better off for your work, and I look forward to what the future holds.


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