NAEMT Safety Course

Yesterday I taught my first NAEMT Safety Course. The 8-hour, one day course covers crew resource management, vehicle safety, roadway operations, lifting and moving, violence at scenes, and general wellness. There are a lot of case studies, group discussions, and exercises. I was very lucky to have been monitored by Glen Luedtke, who is the retired director of Sussex County EMS, and developed much of the course.  It was a mix of paramedic students, working paramedics from a local service, and educators. There was a lot of interaction about the different issues, which made it a fun class to teach.

I wanted to add this course to our curriculum because our students are about to begin their internship, and will see a lot of unsafe practices. They will see unsecured oxygen bags are stored in patient compartments. They will probably not see a patient transported with the shoulder harness on the stretcher. They will see unsafe lifting and patient movement techniques. They will see stress managed in unhealthy ways. I want them to have long and rewarding careers. I want them to recognize unsafe practices that the people around them take for granted, and I want them to start a culture change.

This is a great course, and I highly recommend it. I am looking forward to the second edition coming out in the fall.


  1. Charlene cobb says:

    Glad you liked the course. The second edition will have some pretty exciting changes. We will have a chapter on resiliency which is very relevant for emergency medical personal today. I look forward to sharing it at expo!

    • emspatientperspective says:

      Thanks Charlene. I did hear about the resiliency module and am very excited to learn more about it.

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