5 Resources For People Getting Back into EMS

One of my first mentors in EMS sent me a message the other night.  We were members of the same volunteer and paid services, he as a paramedic and I as an EMT, and were partners several times.  He left the field several years ago, but recently rejoined the service we were members of.  I am happy to hear this.  He is a great leader, and the EMS community needs more people like him.  Since his certification lapsed he is challenging the state’s paramedic exam.  To help him prepare, here are the top five free or inexpensive resources I suggested he try:

1. Limmer Creative Apps.

These flash-card style review and practice test apps are excellent. There are general EMT and paramedic review ones available, and others in more specific content areas, such as airway, ACLS, and 12-lead ECG’s, and cost around $5-$10 each.

2. Med Math Simplified

Jamie Davis, host of the MedicCast, recently published a book about med math for paramedics and nurses.  It is written for non-math people like me, and is well worth the $2.99 Kindle version price.

3. Paramedic Tutor YouTube Channel

Former EMS Educast co-host Rob Theriault has dozens of short videos on electrophysiology, dysrhythmia interpretation, and 12-lead ECG interpretation. He even walks through each of the exercises in the ECG book he wrote. Many of the lectures for the program he teaches with are also available for free on iTunes.

4. Khan Academy Medicine

Name a disease, anatomical region, or almost everything else, and the Khan Academy as 5-20 minute tutorial on it.  It is the go-to resource to grasp of complicated concepts.

5. Pedi-U Podcast

This case-based and entertaining podcast, hosted by Kyle David Bates,  is a great way to learn more about pediatric patients and develop confidence managing them.

There are others, but these are the first resources that came to mind. In addition to people coming back to the field, they are valuable for current providers to stay sharp.


  1. Bob- Thanks for including our apps in this great list!

  2. Hi Bob. These are great resources even for us laymen. Khan Academy is awesome for all kinds of knowledge. So are the TED websites. Keep up the great work! Love Dad

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