Free Online Healthcare Education Classes

For EMS educators and aspiring educators, there are two free massive open online courses offered by Coursera that begin next week that you may be interested in.  This format uses a combination of videos (generally less than 15 minutes each), quizzes, and discussion boards.  There are also short writing assignments that are graded by peers.  Students may participate as much or as little as they like.

One is Instructional Methods in Health Professions Education, which is eight weeks long.  I completed this course the last time it was offered, and found it to be very useful as a new educator.  It has a good mix of theory and hands-on application, covering adult education theory, instructional design, test writing, affect, skill instruction, clinical instruction, precepting, and simulation.  The other course is Teaching and Assessing Clinical Skills, which focuses on teaching skills and providing feedback in the clinical setting.  I am enrolled in the session that begins Monday, which is six weeks long.

These courses are based on the physician model of education, but students represent a wide variety of health disciplines.  There was a paramedic discussion group in the instructional methods class, and I hope there is enough EMS representation for the clinical skills course.




  1. The next offering of Learning How to Learn starts next week as well.

    Playing videos at 1.25x is one of my favorite Coursera features.

    • emspatientperspective says:

      Thanks Greg. I finished the last session of Learning How to Learn, and just received Dr. Oakley’s A Mind For Numbers as a birthday present. That’s a great course as well.

      I have not played the videos at 1.25x, and am looking forward to trying it.

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