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EMS Superbowl Memories

Tweet I was working the night of Superbowl XLII, when the Patriots played the Giants.  I am not a fan of either team, but was interested in seeing Tom Brady against Eli Manning.  As it happened we ran calls through the first half, and cleared the hospital slightly faster than we normally would to try […]

Pat Ivey’s EMT: Beyond the Lights and Sirens

Tweet When I was eleven years old, my father came home with a paperback book he had found titled EMT: Beyond the Lights and Sirens by Pat Ivey.  At the time I had a police scanner that I listened to religiously, and would hop on my bicycle to meet the Town of Tonawanda Paramedics on […]

Pondering the Future of EMS Education

Tweet Following up my post about the final EMS Educast episode, the panel discussed what the future of the profession and education would look like. Greg and Rob both stated that all certified EMS providers should be called paramedics, instead of the alphabet soup of certification levels we have now.  Rob also mentioned how in […]

So Long EMS Educast

Tweet Yesterday I listened to the final episode of the EMS Educast.  I am sad that Greg, Bill, and Rob will no longer record new episodes, but am excited about what the co-hosts have in store for the future of EMS. Greg mentioned that he began the podcast at a low point in his career, […]