Year In Reveiw and Most Read Posts

2013 was quite a year for my family. The most exciting event took place in April when our second son was born.  We had a lot of fun around Christmas with him and his older brother.



On the professional side, I had an article published in EMS World, which landed me a spot on the MedicCast.  I also left full-time field EMS to teach with the paramedic program at a community college, landed me a spot on the EMS Educast.

As far as The Patient Perspective, here are five my most read posts from the past year:

1. A Musician’s Approach to Airway Management: We should practice our airway skills as often as rock stars practice with their instruments.

2. In Fort Worth, Medstar Treated My Aunt the Way I Would Treat a Family Member  How would you want your loved one to be treated?  Do what these medics did.

3. Sign the Refusal Form, Ask Them To Leave, And Drive Him To the Hospital Your patients deserve more than what these paramedics did for my grandfather.

3. Rural Patients Deserve the Same EMS Care As Urban Ones It’s not that we can’t get high level care to people in rural areas, in many cases we just choose not to.

4. EMS Should Be Involved With End Of Life Decisions This should be long before we discover an invalid DNR on an arrest patient.

5. The Medic I Tried To Be the Most Like I’ve had a lot of good mentors.  This one was great with patients, had great clinical skills, and most importantly, never stopped learning.

That’s a wrap for 2013.  Stay safe and have a happy new year.



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