Interstate Love Song and My Boss Scratching His Balls

One of my first shifts as an EMT, I worked with a paramedic named Ken.  He would become one of my mentors, and I have adopted his “each question may be your last” respiratory assessment.   As we drove around Buffalo listening to the rock/alternative station, Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots came on.   “Dude, I have a story about this song,” Ken told me.

Ken told about how he used to work with our operations manager Tim, in the early ’90’s before he was promoted.  Interstate Love Song had just come out, and came on the radio.  Ken told me that he turned up the radio and told Tim it was a kick-ass song. Tim agreed.

He went on to tell me that he got a phone call from Tim a week or so later.  Tim told him that he was in the shower, scratching his balls, and that the Stone Temple Pilots song he liked was on the radio.  Tim, for lack of better terms, was fat and bald.  It was not a pretty mental picture.

That was over 13 years ago.  Since then I have spent thousands of hours in emergency vehicles listening to  rock/alternative radio stations.  Interstate Love Song is still played frequently.   To this day, every time I hear it, no matter how hard I try not to, I am still reminded of my old boss scratching his balls in the shower.

Thanks Ken.


  1. Thanks for this gift.

    Let me tell you about the time I was first asked, “What does the fox say?” ….

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