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Interstate Love Song and My Boss Scratching His Balls

Tweet One of my first shifts as an EMT, I worked with a paramedic named Ken.  He would become one of my mentors, and I have adopted his “each question may be your last” respiratory assessment.   As we drove around Buffalo listening to the rock/alternative station, Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots came […]

RIP Mike Smith

Tweet EMS lost a giant this morning when paramedic, educator, speaker, author, and patient advocate Mike Smith died of an apparent heart attack.  Mike spoke at several national and state conferences each year, had a monthly Beyond the Books column in EMS World, and co-edited the paramedic textbook my class uses. I was fortunate to […]

Respiratory Rate Above 28, Ventilate?

Tweet I recently attended my required canned trauma recertification course.  One of the points that was repeated in the lectures was was that patients should be ventilated with a bag valve mask if their respiratory rate is above 28.  No matter what the cause of their fast rate, regardless of whether they are awake and […]