The Lighter Stuff and War Stories

I’ve added two new categories to The Patient Perspective.  I started this blog to advocate for the patients we serve, and to ask the right questions about the care we deliver.  Stories that I share, for the most part, served the purpose of advocacy and professional reflection.  I originally did not intend to share experiences for the sake of sharing experiences.  Everyone in EMS has stories.  Many people like to share them, which often leads to “I can top that competition.” Often these are tales of heroism on the part of the storyteller, or gory trauma calls.  While I allow myself to get sucked into this occasionally, I try not to.  In fact, the lack of war stories was one of the things I enjoyed most about EMS Today 2012.

But leaving the field for full-time education has changed my mind a bit about this.  After turning one of my last patients over, an ED doc told me to make sure I write down my stories.  Writing blog posts about my stories will allow me to remember them before more time passes.  It’s really for my benefit more than my readers’.

EMS bloggers are often criticized for gratuitous and self-serving posts about calls.  Some get fired for violating HIPAA.  I promise not to engage in that.  If I tell a story that makes me look good, I immediately follow it with one about a mistake that I made.  That part is easy, because many of the good decisions I have made came after a similar situation where I made a bad one.  It’s that whole judgment from experience and experience from bad judgement thing.  Some of my stories will also be cataloged here but not published.

For these posts, I will also put “War Story” or “The Lighter Stuff” in the title to warn readers.  If you are interested, great, but I understand if you are not.

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