EMS Educast Recap

The timing of my announcing that I was moving from full-time field EMS to full-time education lined up nicely with the EMS Educast not having a guest scheduled.  With most of their guests being an expert about some aspect of EMS education, and me knowing relatively little about it, I jumped on the opportunity to learn what I could from Greg, Bill, and Rob.  Here are the highlights:

1.  While I wanted to be a paramedic since childhood, I was not a strong science student and did not think I was smart enough to be a paramedic.  I thought that I would volunteer as an EMT while working in another career.  Of course I got hooked the first day, and realized I would never enjoy any other type of work as much as EMS.  Greg asked how I got through paramedic school, and for me it was my experience as an EMT.  I got to work with great partners who I was able to watch manage sick patients, and then had a mental picture to reference about what was being explained in paramedic school.  I needed that experience, and do not believe I would have passed paramedic school without it.

This was addressed on a previous Educast with Mike Ward, which I wrote about here.

2. For several years now, the Educast has been a valuable resource as an educator and provider.  It has also made running, the gym, and lawn mowing a little less painful for me.  I re-listened to a few episodes to prepare for my educator interview, and they were a great help for some of the questions and to prepare my presentation.  Some of the ones I recommend are:

Powerpoint Best Practices for EMS Educators with Kyle David Bates

Difficult Student Behaviors with Rom Duckworth

-Questions From a New EMS Educator with Clark Imus

3.  Bill offered a nugget of wisdom when we discussed coaching students through performing difficult skills rather than taking over and showing them. Being a bit of a control freak, that is something that is going to be difficult.  That conversation will serve as a tap on my shoulder when I am tempted to do that in clinicals with students.

4. My end-of-show recommendation.  was the second edition of Thom Dick’s People Care Thom just nails so many aspects of being a good caregiver, and the book should be required reading for every EMS education program.  The first edition changed several aspects of my practice, and the second gave me great lessons to apply as an educator.

Bill’s recommendation was the book Evidence Based Medicine: how to practice and teach it.

Greg’s was Kelly Grayson’s EMS 1 article Bigotry of Low Expectations,

Rob”s was the  Clinical Teaching Guidebook by Deirdre Bonnycastle

I’ve read Kelly’s article, and look forward to digging into the others.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a guest on the show, and look forward to future episodes about preparing new educators.  You can listen to the episode here.

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  1. Glad to have you on the show. Thanks and good luck with your new position.


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