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And I Was Never Late For Emergency Overtime Again

Tweet Kelly Grayson’s recent post, Philosophical EMS Observation #3477,  and the comments, reminded me of a situation I encountered.  There he wrote: On leadership versus managing: A leader treats the policy and procedure manual as a guide, and uses his best judgment in deciding whether strict adherence to policy is in the best interests of […]

The Lighter Stuff and War Stories

Tweet I’ve added two new categories to The Patient Perspective.  I started this blog to advocate for the patients we serve, and to ask the right questions about the care we deliver.  Stories that I share, for the most part, served the purpose of advocacy and professional reflection.  I originally did not intend to share […]

I Know Less Than I Thought

Tweet So my first week as a full-time educator is finished.  I met the other faculty members, got a tour of campus, got familiar with the computer system, and met the students, who are a few months into their 14 month program.  I sat in on some of the other instructor’s classes and helped with […]

We Only Get One Chance To Get It Right

Tweet One of the things I will miss about working in the field is the one-on-one connection we make with patients.  Rob Theriault discussed how this is opportunity is unique to EMS on a recent EMS Educast episode.  We get called into people’s most intimate settings, perhaps their bedroom or bathroom, or when they are […]

EMS Educast Recap

Tweet The timing of my announcing that I was moving from full-time field EMS to full-time education lined up nicely with the EMS Educast not having a guest scheduled.  With most of their guests being an expert about some aspect of EMS education, and me knowing relatively little about it, I jumped on the opportunity […]