From the Field to the Classroom

A big change for me begins next month.  I’ve accepted a full-time position as a paramedic instructor with the community college where I previously taught as an adjunct.  I am very excited.  The position has a mix of time in the classroom, lab, hospital clinical rotations, and field internships.  I’m going to learn a whole new skill set, from presentation to curriculum development.   I hope to be a positive influence on the next generation of paramedics, like my instructors were for mine.

I am sad to leave the field, though.  I  had a lot of fun working on ambulances; more fun than I could imagine having with any other type of work.  I will miss many of my coworkers, especially the partners I’ve had over the years.  I still enjoy the one-on-one connection we get to make with patients, and I will miss the critical thinking.  I was fortunate to spend just shy of 10 years with a clinically advanced service where I saw a lot of sick patients.   In paramedic school I did not know it even existed, and it ended up being a very good fit for me.  I will not miss working at night, though, or after my shift was supposed to end.  And it would mean that I stayed too long if I wasn’t sad to leave.

I also feel like I am jumping off of a cliff.   Field EMS has been my only career.  I’ve gotten very comfortable being an urban paramedic, and the classroom is way outside of that comfort zone.  I will be working 5 days a week, which I have never done, and have a commute, which I have never really had before.   After 13 years of wearing a uniform to work, now I will have to pick clothes to wear.   My wife offered unwavering support during the decision process, and her career will be affected also.

So here we go.  I’m ready for a new adventure.  I hope it will be as much fun as the last one.






  1. Ed Schwendler says:

    Congratulations!!! from Grandpa

  2. Congratulations!

    (And strong work getting your Grandpa to read your blog)

  3. Jack Sullivan says:

    Congratulations Bob! Mom and I are very proud of your service. Your passion for your profession is an inspiration to us all. Love Mom and Dad.


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