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MedicCast Recap

Tweet I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jamie “PodMedic” Davis on the MedicCast about my EMS World article, What Your System Should Deliver.  We covered a number of topics, and here are some of the highlights: 1. Response time is one thing that services should track, but it is not the most important […]

The Medic I Tried To Be the Most Like

Tweet Watching the Jaromir Jagr in NHL playoffs last spring reminded me of playing street hockey 20 years ago.  I tried to play like he did, skating down the right wing, handling the puck with his right arm, protecting it with his left skate, and fighting players off with his left arm. This also reminded […]

The All-Hazards Myth

Tweet Yesterday the D.C. Fire and EMS Department announced that it will hire a group of single-role paramedics instead, reversing its policy of only hiring cross-trained firefighter/paramedics.  This comes five years after the department moved its separate-but-equal EMT’s and paramedics into a “fully integrated, all hazards agency,”  amid daily headlines of long response times, staffing […]

From the Field to the Classroom

Tweet A big change for me begins next month.  I’ve accepted a full-time position as a paramedic instructor with the community college where I previously taught as an adjunct.  I am very excited.  The position has a mix of time in the classroom, lab, hospital clinical rotations, and field internships.  I’m going to learn a […]

Chest Pain At a Funeral: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Tweet A few years ago we were sent to a suburban cemetery for a 35 YOM with chest pain.  Expecting to encounter a young man who was upset about the loss of a loved one, we were surprised to see a parade of police cars from every agency within 20 miles flying into the cemetery […]