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A Culture of Silence Is A Two-Way Street, Dr. Baehren

Tweet In the latest American College of Emergency Physicians News, Dr. David Baehren writes about how paramedics have become less receptive to negative feedback since 9/11.  You can read his article, Culture of Silence, here. Skip Kirkwood wrote a response that appears on Mike Ward’s Firegeezer.  Skip describes issues with data exchange, bad protocols, and […]

Rural Patients Deserve the Same EMS Care As Urban Ones

Tweet In June’s issue of EMS World, I wrote an article describing what communities deserve from their EMS system.   My position is that every call should have someone capable of administering a 12-lead EKG, CPAP, nebulized bronchodilators, pain medication, and chemical sedation.  This requires an ALS provider on every call, which sparked some discussion about responses in rural areas.  Here […]

A Patient-Centered EMS Manifesto

Tweet In the June, 2013 issue of EMS World, I wrote an article titled Things Your System Should Deliver.  It is a description of what I believe our patients deserve from their EMS system.  Each item is based on evidence, and systems fail when they do not deliver them to eligible patients. I have always […]