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Why EMS Applicant Screening Matters

Tweet One of my soap boxes is that EMS needs to do a better job of  picking people for the tremendous responsibility we have.  How many other professions place people alone with some of society’s most vulnerable people as often as we do?   Last year an EMT with the service that covers my home town […]

In Ft. Worth, MedStar Treated My Aunt the Way I Would Treat a Family Member

Tweet I got a phone call from my aunt who lives in Ft. Worth about a month ago.  She had fallen and injured her shoulder, and was in a tremendous amount of pain after.  She told me how wonderful the paramedics from MedStar who took her to the hospital were.  They explained what they were […]

Who Will the Community Paramedics Be?

Tweet Last week I was in Washington DC for EMS on the Hill Day.  Unfortunately the meetings with our representatives were cancelled because a predicted but unrealized snow storm.  NAEMT anticipated that the government may close, and offered presentations about how healthcare reform will affect EMS reimbursement and the development of two Community Paramedic programs.  […]

Somewhere Between 8 Minutes and Whenever We Get There: That’s Our Problem

Tweet My friend and recently new coworker Scott “Medic SBK” Keir wrote about a pseudo-controversy from where he used to work about long response times.  In AMR’s contract with Springfield, MA, they must arrive within 10 minutes to priority 1 calls 95% of the time.  After one 17-minute respone time to a shooting, a reporter discovered that AMR […]