Advancing My Education

Forgive me Blogfather, for I have sinned.  It’s been over a month since my last post. I know you don’t like excuses, but the class I’m taking this semester is kicking my ass.  There are lots of things I’d like to write about, but all of my free time is being taken writing papers.  I hope it will be worth it when I finish.

I’m pursuing a master’s degree in healthcare administration at Wilmington University.  Half of the classes are from the school of business, and half are from the school of nusring.  I know more about healthcare, and prefer the classes from the nursing school.  The class I’m taking now is from the business school, and I’m dredging through the papers each week. 

I was half way through my bachelor’s program when I got into EMS, and it was hard to finish.  The classes didn’t seem relevent to anything, and I had decided I wanted to be a paramedic anyway.  I’m glad I finished.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but writing papers about things I don’t care about taught me how to write better ones about things I do.  I remind myself about that a lot now.  There’s no automatic pay raise or guarantee of promoation after finishing my program, I still really enjoy patient care, and an not ready to give that up yet anyway. 

Over at EMS 1, Mike Ward wrote about why the profession needs EMS people to obtain advanced degrees.  His column gave me some inspiration during a particulary tough period with the class I’m taking now.  I believe that educatiopn is the key to making EMS better, and I am encouraged about the new people coming into my service.  Many of the new paramedics have bachelor’s degrees, and more are pursuing one now.  My regular partner is working on a bachelor’s degree.  The television stays off and Blackboard stays on the computers when we’re fortunate enough to have time between calls. 

So enough procrastinating, back to the grind of writing about strategy in business. Hopefully it will help me leave EMS a little better than when I found it.


  1. The half of the program that is going to benefit you the most is the business side. It’s pretty clear that the business of health care is going to dominate the practice of health care for the foreseeable future. Pay close attention to all that boring business stuff, it’s going to touch everything that you do.

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