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For EMS’ers, Is PA School Just the Next Thing to Do?

Tweet “Why do most people get married?” asked my young, “cool” religion teacher at my Catholic high school about 20 years ago.  After a few answers about finding love and soul mates, he shook his head no.  “Most people get married for the same reason people go to college, get jobs, and have children.  Because it’s […]


Tweet Most of my posts share experiences or topics I’ve researched.  My goal with each one is to teach and stimulate discussion.  I have nothing in those areas to offer about Newtown.  I have nothing of substance to add to the gun control debate.  I have no idea how to prepare to respond to an event […]

Verbal Deescalation

Tweet Ma’am, you’ve cut your arm very badly. I understand that you don’t want anyone to help you, but someone cares enough about you to call for help. Now you have six people working very hard to take care of you, so please stop fighting with us. You’re going to the hospital. I know that […]