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EMS Psych Calls: An Area To Specialize?

Tweet Last Sunday I was able to join a discussion about psychiatric patients on EMS Office Hours.  A number of complicated issues came up, and many of them have no established best practices.  This is a topic I am particularly interested in. I was a psych major in college and interned as a crisis phone counselor. My […]

Longevity in EMS

Tweet Yesterday I caught EMS Educast episode 148, where Greg Friese, Bill Toon, and Rob Theriault discussed ways to prepare students for a long career in EMS with their guest Lori Sizer.  I was a guest on EMS Office Hours about a year ago about the same topic.  Now that I’m entering my 13th year in EMS, here […]

Safe Spinal Clearance Equals Better Care For Spinal Injuries: Part 2

Tweet In Part 1, I described why I believe EMS providers should have the same knowledge base that physician’s assistants do.  This would improve our ability to detect partial spinal cord injuries, and to not immobilize everyone else.  So what happens when we find an injury, or a patient who might have one?  Here’s what […]

Safe Spinal Clearance Equals Better Care For Spinal Injuries: Part 1

Tweet Dave Ross is at it again on EMS 1 about spinal immobilization.  In his previous column, Confessions of Recovering Field Spine Clearance Addict, he describes problems with implementing a C-spine clearance protocol at his service.  To summarize: For us, and specifically me in recovery, we’ve decided to minimize the risk of misses by continuing […]

EMS Family Resources Needs Your Help

Tweet I’ve been meaning to write a post about EMS Family Resources for some time.  I learned about this organization last March at EMS Today.  It was started after Justin Conklin, a 32-year-old paramedic and father of three suffered a major heart attack.  Police officers have the PBA, and firefighters have the FMBA to help […]