Great Time to Get Involved With NAEMT

It’s election time at NAEMT.  Voting ends October 28, so this is a perfect time to join the largest organization representing the interests of EMS practitioners.

Like many people, I joined several years ago after taking PHTLS.  At the time I was angry about the sorry state of EMS, from low salaries, lack of respect, and poor clinical care, and content to complain about instead of trying to make it better.  I also thought that NAEMT was out of touch with these issues and dropped out.

A few years ago I pledged to stop complaining and work to make EMS better.  In addition to starting this blog, I re-joined NAEMT and applied to be Delaware’s State Advocacy Coordinator. I believe that exciting things are happening at the organization with the current leadership group, and am impressed with the candidates running for positions now.

Outgoing President Connie Meyer is a the first working paramedic to serve as president.  She is a Paramedic Captain with Johnson County Med-Act, which is one of country’s premier services.  Check out the clinical standards page on their website.  Her organization does the things that every service should do.  During her term, NAEMT launched an Event Notification System and published a position paper supporting the Just Culture Initiative.  These are great steps towards improving clinical care and learning from mistakes.

President Elect Don Lundy took action that reduced injuries with his service, Charleston County (SC) EMS.  Injuries from lifting patients dropped significantly after they upgraded stretchers and stair chairs, so much so that the county risk manager received an award from the  state.  Don is a frequent guest on the EMS Leadership Podcast.  I think he’s the kind of leader most people would want to work for, and is someone worth getting behind to advocate for our profession.

As far as dues, it’s $40. a year.  It is tax deductible.  Any professional organization’s influence is based on the size and engagement of its members.  You need to show up if you want it to look different, and you can start by clicking here.




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