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An “Each Question May Be Your Last” Respiratory Assessment

Tweet I remember the first really bad respiratory patient I went on as an EMT about 12 years ago.  A 40-year-old employee at a Target store had has an asthma attack around midnight. She was in a tripod position, an inhaler was next to her, and her shoulders lifted up each time she took a shallow […]

Great Time to Get Involved With NAEMT

Tweet It’s election time at NAEMT.  Voting ends October 28, so this is a perfect time to join the largest organization representing the interests of EMS practitioners. Like many people, I joined several years ago after taking PHTLS.  At the time I was angry about the sorry state of EMS, from low salaries, lack of […]

The EMS Spouse’s Perspective On Post-Traumatic Stress

Tweet It’s almost Halloween, and I think my husband is haunted. He’s worked in the EMS system in four states over fifteen years.  When we visit his hometown where he started, and when we drive around where we live now, I wonder how much he is haunted by calls he’s responded to.  He has a […]

EMS Birthday Memories

Tweet This week I am officially one year deeper into my mid-thirties.  Having worked several times on my birthday in the last 12 years, I am reminded of memorable calls I handled that day.  Here are two sad ones: Eight years ago, on the night before my birthday, I proposed to my wife. I went […]