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EMT Before Paramedic? How Much Education is Enough?

Tweet On the last EMS Educast, Mike “Fossil Medic” Ward discussed his EMS 1 article with Greg Friese, Rob Theriault, and Bill Toon about why he believes experience as an EMT is not necessary to become a paramedic.  Last Sunday on EMS Office Hours, Jim Hoffman, Josh Knapp, Tim Noonan, and I discussed when EMS […]

My Three Favorite Assessment Questions

Tweet One of the things that separates average clinicians from great ones is how quickly they complete assessments.  I have been fortunate to have worked with a few great ones, and was always amazed at how much information they would obtain from patients after asking only a few questions.  Now I teach students to pretend each […]

EMS on 9/11/2021

Tweet Over at Fire Geezer, Mike “Fossil Medic” Ward asked what we will look in 20 years.  I agree with much of what Greg Friese wrote about this on Everday EMS Tips, and have a few ideas of my own.  This is what I hope EMS looks like, anyway. A Paramedic On Every 911 Call […]

Learning from Dumb Intubation

Tweet In September’s EMS World, your truly wrote an article called 10 Steps to Smarter Intubation. It describes the approach I’ve come to use when thinking about intubating someone.  I’d like to think I was always a smart intubator, but that would be a lie.  I have done some dumb intubating in my career. Dumb […]