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Knowing When To Hold ‘Em

Tweet On last week’s episode of EMS Office Hours, Jim Hoffman, Josh Knapp, and Tim Noonan discussed “Zebra Hunting.” Among other topics, when a patient with a suspected pnumothorax should have their chest decompressed. If I understand Josh correctly, he stated that chest decompression is a relatively benign procedure.  He believes that the harm from […]

Until We Take Our Mission Seriously, No One Should Take Us Seriously

Tweet Over at EMS 1, there’s a story about how many convicted criminals are out doing EMS in New Jersey, and that there is no mechanism in place to detect it.  The most notorious was Robert Melia, who was indicted on charges of molesting three young girls and several cows.  On top of that, he […]

What’s the Point of Advanced EMTs and Intermediates?

Tweet Happy Medic and I share a hatred of the terms “basic” and “advanced” in relation to EMS provider and unit capabilities.  He writes about this in his post “The End of the EMT-Basic?” When I worked in Buffalo, EMT-Intermediates were primarily credentialed to start IV’s and intubate. When I worked in Virginia, EMT-Intermediates were credentialed […]

Cut, Paste, and Send to Congress

Tweet For the next two weeks or so, our members of congress will be campaigning in their home districts before the upcoming election.  What better time to let them know how inconsistently EMS is delivered across the country, how pissed off we are about it, and how hard we are working to fix it. Start […]

Pain Management and Tiered Response Are Not Compatible

Tweet Pain Management was the topic of the latest episode of the First Few Moments podcast.  Kyle David Bates, Brad Buck, Wilma Vinton, Roland Rolfsen, Dr. Laurie Romig, and Tim Noonan discussed the why, what, when, and who of it.  Playing devil’s advocate, Kyle asked why it is important for us to manage pain.  After all, life […]