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Comments on Corner Posting

Tweet My attack on the July cover story of JEMS generated some pretty passionate comments about corner posting, and got even more after Rogue Medic’s post.  Here is my response to some of them: In response to my request for evidence that corner posting improves clinical outcomes, High Performance EMS author Dale Loberger writes: Jersey […]

If You Haven’t Opened a Book Since School, You Probably Won’t Read This Anyway

Tweet It was the year 2000.  The Twin Towers stood tall, everyone was drunk with money they made from Al Gore’s internet, and race cars were driven by men.  I had just hit the streets of Buffalo as a cocky, know-it-all EMT, and was in college as a communications major. In my classes, a major point […]

If Her Syringe Didn’t Killer Her, Mine May Have

Tweet Protocols were the topic of last week’s EMS Office Hours.  Jim Hoffman, Josh Knapp, Dave Aber, Tim Noonan & I discussed how the definition of “consider” and “up to” is different for different people.  I recall a former US president having similar issues.  Like many podcasts, I was reminded of a call I was on. The text said “21 YOF overdose” on the […]

Corner Posting: Better, Faster, & Cheaper than Stations? Prove It.

Tweet In the cover story of this month’s JEMS, Jonathan Washko adds more fuel to the fixed/static/hybrid deployment debate.  I’ve done all three, and found a home in a station-based hybrid system.  Washko concludes that street corner posting is better, faster, and cheaper than static or hybrid systems.  Unfortunately he presents his opinions as facts.  I happen to agree with some of […]

Our EMS Independence Day

Tweet Tomorrow in the United States, we celebrate our founding fathers declaring their independence from Great Brittan.  The free country we Americans enjoy today was once a few colonies that were a revenue source for a far away, disconnected empire.  The colonists had no voice in how much they were taxed or how their tax […]