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Podcast Recap: Pit Crews & Practice

Tweet On EMS Office Hours a few nights ago, Tim Rogue Medic Noonan, Jim Hoffman, Josh Knapp, and I had a great discussion about the pit crew approach to managing cardiac arrests.  Here are a few points I took away from the discussion. 1. Josh mentioned that he frequently works arrests with only his partner, […]

Defending the Pit Crew

Tweet Over at Rogue Medic, during a criticism of the latest AutoPulse ASPIRE EXPIRE CIRC trial, he also criticized the Pit Crew approach to resuscitation. Or ADHDCPR, as he likes to call it.  I presented a half-day workshop about the pit crew last month.  Here is why I believe the concept works: While Rogue Medic […]

Part 2: Are We Any Better Than the Cable Company?

Tweet To summarize Part 1, our cable went out.  Comcast gave us a two hour window when someone was supposed to come fix it, but they didn’t show up.  Some EMS systems I’ve been affiliated with use a similar deplyment strategy, and customers of both services are left with few other options.  What happened next with Comcast really set […]

Part 1: Are We Any Better Than the Cable Company?

Tweet Last week our cable went out, I experienced the worst customer service from Comcast Cable than I have from any other company.  I had some time to think during the multiple windows during which one of their techs was supposed to show up but didn’t, which usually turns into a post. I started thinking about […]

Treating Our Patients the Way My Son Was Treated

Tweet A few weeks ago, my wife and I took our two-year-old son to have blood drawn at the A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children.   Knowing how comfortable I am only occasionally starting IV’s on kids, we wanted him stuck by people who work only with kids.  Armed with his two favorite stuffed animals, we arrived early to a packed […]

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – Focus People

Tweet Another great episode of EMS Office Hours accompanied my workout today, and of course it stimulated some thoughts.  Here are some of them: First, more isn’t always better.  I know some people who love the AutoPulse, but they have no idea how many patients walk out of the hospital after having it put on. […]

How Many More Scandals Before We Take Screening Seriously?

Tweet Scrolling through my Twitter news feeds, I cringed when a Buffalo area news station popped up with an EMT scandal.  This one took place at Twin City Ambulance, where EMT James Fagerburg was arrested for molesting a 14 year-old girl.  He allegedly met her on the internet, drove 6 hours to meet her, performed […]