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Decision Making Fatigue

Tweet Brandon Otto from EMS Basics has excellent article about decision making fatigue in the May issue of EMS World.  Everyone in EMS experiences this at some point, and he has provides valuable information about what causes impaired decision making and how to prevent it. One thing I’ve used when functioning below 100% is a quick time-out.  When I’m tempted to […]

Why We Need More Training on Scene Management

Tweet A few years ago we were dispatched to a cardiac arrest.  It was for a 40 year old woman, and the residence was flagged on our MDT because of  guns and swords in the house. We pulled up behind our ambulance.  An EMT jumped out of the passenger and ran (literally) into the house.  […]

EMS: Calling, Job, or Prison Sentence?

Tweet Thanks to our good friends at ACEP, More Than a Job. A Calling is the theme of this year’s EMS week.  For me it started with Roy and Johnny, then Rescue 911, police scanners, and chasing ambulances on my bike.  My reservation about getting into EMS was whether I could do it, and then […]

EMS Web Summit: It’s Going to Be Huge

Tweet I remember how exciting my first EMS conference was.  As a new paramedic I was in awe of what the speakers had to share, and wondered how they became so knowledgeable about the topics they presented.  Now Jim Hoffman, a true pioneer in online education and podcasting at EMS Office Hours,  has made several […]

The Permisson Paradox

Tweet Rogue Medic has a great  post about medical oversight for EMS, and I am looking forward to reading part 2.  It reminded me of a JEMS column Bryan Bledsoe wrote a few years ago titled Adios Rampart. Both debunk the myth that patients can be kept safe if paramedics must request permission before doing […]