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Ten Months to Become A Medical Assistant, 150 Hours to Become An EMT?

Tweet On weekdays, sandwiched between diverse groups of frequent EMS users having their paternity test results read before millions of viewers, are commercials for schools that train people to become medical assistants.  Those commercials appear between others for lawyers, sub-prime loans, and ones soliciting volunteers for pharmeceutical trials. For people who are, or were, medical assistants, […]

What Should the Basic EMS Package Include?

Tweet When you pick a cell phone, cable, or internet plan, packages range from basic to premium, extreme, or turbo. When you call 911, that choice is made by local system design and a dispatch triage program. On EMS Office Hours, Jim, Josh, and I discussed whether certain medications should be included in the BLS […]

EMS, Fishing, & Cystic Fibrosis

Tweet I’ve worked with some extraordinary people since I started in EMS.  One of the most extraordinary people, hands down, is Captain Kevin Przybyl.  I met Kevin on my very first day in EMS on a tour of the volunteer ambulance station I had joined.  Later I worked with him at a private company that […]