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Now That Doctors Specialize in EMS, Shouldn’t We?

Tweet Last Sunday the EMS gods were nice enough to me to wait until after EMS Office Hours to punish me, so that I could join Jim and Josh for a great discussion about one community considering combining fire, police, and EMS into one service.   We also talked about Community Paramedics, which would create a […]

It’s the Basics, Stupid

Tweet The most media attention ever given to a call I was on was a house fire with children trapped.  Two toddlers were pulled out by firefighters who were doing CPR.  My patient was a three-year-old girl, and we rushed her to the ambulance.  After a few chest compressions, a few squeezes of a bag […]

A Positive Wang Intubation Study

Tweet For those of you who do not follow EMS research closely, for the last 10 years Henry Wang has dared to question the effectiveness of paramedic intubation.  While this has made him one of the least popular names mentioned over adult beverages at EMS conferences, most people admit that what he’s found is true.  […]

A War Story-Free Conference

Tweet Today’s my first day back at work after a great EMS Today conference.  My whole outlook on what continuing education could be has changed since I saw Greg Friese’s session.  Wake County EMS’s Advanced Practice Paramedic Program has given a new definition to high performance EMS, and I’m very excited about other services starting […]