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Armed EMS Should be Police-Based EMS

Tweet There’s been a flurry of activity about whether or not EMS should be armed.  WANTYNU started it on Facebook, Rogue Medic posted on this, and there was a great discussion on EMS Office Hours. I have been in a few scary situations,  but have never wished that I had a gun.  I do wish […]

EMS 12-Leads: Early and Often

Tweet The 12 lead ECG to detect ST elevation MI’s (STEMI) is one of the most important things we do for our patients.  I didn’t grasp how important they are until I started working in a system that integrates them into a hospital heart alert program.  To answer the 12-lead non-believers at other organizations I […]

Copy, Paste, & Send to Congress

Tweet Or better yet, join NAEMT and use their advocacy tool. The Field EMS Quality, Innovation, Cost-Effectiveness Improvement Act is a chance for us start being recognized as the essential public service that we are.  Whether your service is fire-based, private, third service, or volunteer, this law will help define what quality care is across […]

My BA & EMS Part 2: Lost Prospects

Tweet In Part 1 I wrote about finding EMS while in college to find myself.  Half that time was spent more interested in EMS than what I was going to school for, and I knew I would never be as passionate about another career. Two undesirable options were available to pursue this passion.  One was […]