Am I Glad We Didn’t Get A Call…

I firmly believe that when we are on duty we should be prepared to quickly respond to a call at any moment.  This blog is about being there for our patients.  Still, I have been in situations between calls that would have required explaining if we were sent on one.

We were on our way back from the hospital on a spring afternoon when a four-legged creature crossed the road in front of us.  It ran into a field next to an abandoned factory.  I stopped the truck, got out, and walked towards a beagle.  He cowered and shook as I approached him, and I could see all of his ribs.  Now being a beagle owner, animal lover, and nice guy, I had to do something.  My partner that day, who is not known for having a warm personality, agreed.  So we put him in the ambulance and drove off to a near by animal shelter.  During the trip I made mental plans about what to do if we got a call.

Fortunately we made it to the animal shelter, and I carried my new friend in.  That was when I started to itch.  Then I noticed the fleas, both on my new friend and on my uniform.  I took my uniform shirt off and drove back to the station faster than I had driven to any call that day.  My partner was nice enough to scrub out the patient compartment with disinfectant while I washed my arms like a surgeon prepping for an operation.

The EMS gods smiled on us that day and no call to supervision was necessary.  Even if this occurred with my current employer, the statute of limitations has passed.

My wife and I agreed that there was no extra room in our animal kingdom for another dog (see picture), so I hope he was adopted by someone nice.



  1. So what WERE your mental plans?
    I’ve been in a variety of situations where I’ve made plans for what to do if we got a call, but rescuing a flea-bitten beagle hasn’t been one of them. Yet.
    Good on you. And I’m glad fate, or whatever, smiled on you both that day.

  2. There was a fire station between where we found the dog and the animal shelter, so my plan was to drop the dog off there. Had we gotten a call after the drop off, I probably would have gone in my white T-shirt. That would probably have required paperwork. I hope fate smiled on the dog more than either of us.

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