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My BA and EMS: Part 1

Tweet On a recent EMS Garage episode, there was a great discussion about whether paramedics should get, or be required to get, a Bachelor’s Degree. Not knowing what to do after high school, so I followed a quarter of my Catholic high school class mates down the street to Canisius College.  I was fortunate that […]

Pyro-medics of WNY

Tweet In my home town of Buffalo, NY Rural/Metro Ambulance has gotten some national attention for two scandals.   The Buffalo News reports that the company is being investigated for fraudulent billing and that management attempted to cover up being aware of  two of their EMT’s starting fires. Fraudulent Medicare billing by ambulance services has […]

The Art of Persuasion

Tweet Last week on EMS Office Hours, we discussed when patients should be allowed to refuse to be transported to the hospital.  This was brought up because of an incident Sean Eddy wrote about, where a seriously ill patient was going to refuse transport unless she could go to a hospital on diversion.  I think […]

Am I Glad We Didn’t Get A Call…

Tweet I firmly believe that when we are on duty we should be prepared to quickly respond to a call at any moment.  This blog is about being there for our patients.  Still, I have been in situations between calls that would have required explaining if we were sent on one. We were on our […]