First Responder Safety: More from an EMS Spouse

I want my husband to live a long time. Something along the lines of “forever” would be perfect. But I’m a realist, and because I’m a realist, I know that there are things that jeopardize his safety while he’s at work. I used to spend a lot of time worrying about shootings and drug related crimes, until it finally sunk in that what he would tell me is true: accidents are a far more likely event in his work.

A few years ago, a Delaware EMT was hit by a car while she was attempting to assist a patient on the side of the road. The summer before that, a paramedic two counties away was killed while riding in the back of an ambulance en route to the hospital. Now, these are the stories that I think about when he leaves for work; the possibility of him getting hit by a car, or getting into an accident in the truck because people refuse to pull over.

That’s right, I said it. You know, it is a law that we pull over to the side of the road when there is an emergency vehicle approaching. Yet more often than not, when I’m driving, I see an ambulance, fire truck, or police car driving with lights and sirens, and people might move over a lane, but I don’t see them stop. I don’t see them pull over. I see them continuing to drive, as if where they are going trumps the emergency. People that get killed in the line of duty have families. We have a family. We have a son who loves his Daddy, and not only do I want him around for me, I want him around for our son. Selfish, maybe. But I think I can be selfish in this case, because my husband works every day for you and your family.

So please, pull over if you hear the sirens. You never know where they might be headed. I hope for your sake it isn’t to your loved one, or a fire at your house. I pull over and stop for you, so please pull over for my husband and all the men and women he works with every day. He might be on his way to help someone you love as much as we love him.

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