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First Responder Safety: More from an EMS Spouse

Tweet I want my husband to live a long time. Something along the lines of “forever” would be perfect. But I’m a realist, and because I’m a realist, I know that there are things that jeopardize his safety while he’s at work. I used to spend a lot of time worrying about shootings and drug […]

Load and Go Just Needs to Go

Tweet Starting the first day of EMT class, we are taught to “load and go” with priority patients, and to not delay transport while waiting for ALS.  With the recent NFPA ambulance crash data report, maybe we should rethink this.  According to Art Hsieh (who is one of my heroes) on EMS 1, we crash […]

Doing the Right Thing

Tweet Joe Paterno was fired today.  After learning that a member of his coaching staff was a child molester, he allowed him to continue coaching and have access to children.  For some reason Paterno chose to not do the right thing.  Perhaps he was in denial.  Perhaps it was to protect his iconic institution and […]

Response Grid Ridiculousness

Tweet About 400 miles away from where A Tale of Four Street Corners takes place is another example of a ridiculous response pattern. In an area where I once worked, a city was protected by a Paid City Fire Department and a private ambulance company.  Fire and ambulance service outside the city are delivered by […]

Shootings and Seizures

Tweet I still get excited about shootings.  I don’t know why, and am frankly a little embarrassed about it.  I’ve been on about 80 or so in the past twelve years.  The novelty has certainly worn off, but for some reason I walk a little faster to the truck and must resist the urge to […]