I Thought Social Media Was Stupid

Social media in EMS was a popular topic at EMS World Expo in Vegas last week, and I wish I could have been there.  The Social Medic attended a session by Justin “The Happy Medic” Schorr called “How a Blog Saved My Life.” Greg Friese also spoke about social media in EMS.  While it did not save my life, social media did reignite my passion for EMS.

I was initially turned off of it for many of the things Mike Rubin wrote about in his recent EMS World Column, Social Not Working.  I also felt like my career was stagnant.  While I used to devour each issue of JEMS and EMS World the day they arrived, I just didn’t care about learning any more.  EMS seemed hopelessly broken, nothing we did seemed to make a difference, and no one seemed to care.  A career as a PA, nurse, or medic somewhere else seemed appealing.

My wife gets the credit for getting me into SM and starting the turnaround.  First, she convinced me to join Facebook, where I reconnected with my best friend from childhood.  I had not seen him in 15 years and we all met for dinner. Then she bought me an MP3 player for my birthday, and I started listening to EMS podcasts at the gym.

In order to attend a webcast, I had to join Jems Connect.   Then I discovered how many experts participated in the forums and how many people want to make EMS better.  Here I saw an announcement for a  meetup to view the movie Fire Storm.  There I met Medic SBK and the Rogue Medic.  I saw them again last March at EMS Today, and also met Dave Konig, Kyle Bates, and Chris Kaiser.

One day at work I discovered Steve Whitehead’s The EMT Spot.  The mission he writes about, from challenging the status quo, putting patients first, and finding courage to leave our EMS comfort zones struck a nerve.  I want to be a non-conformist too, and took Morpheus’s red pill.

Instead of commiserating about how broken EMS is, now I am excited to be in a profession that can be shaped into something great.  I hope to make a positive contribution towards making this happen.



  1. Always a fan of a matrix reference. Co-hosting the EMSEduCast has totally reinvigorated my passion for EMS and EMS education. Listening to experts around the world discuss EMS education topics is fascinating and keeps me energized to keep creating.

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