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Airplanes, Streisand, and Patient Safety

Tweet I am sad that a paramedic was demoted for an error involving a spiked IV bag, but glad that this sparked an international discussion about the topic.  Unfortunately I have some experience with making mistakes, which earned me a spot on Mike Rubin’s EMS Voices column in July’s EMS World.$17405 Twelve years ago […]

Where I’d Like to Work

Tweet A good friend at work quit last week.  He’s not going far – instead of 911 calls he’s going to do critical care transfers at the mother-ship health system in our region.  It was a hard decision for him, but he wants an opportunity for him to learn more and work in a different […]

Pinnacle of Quality

Tweet This episode of the EMS Leadership podcast has a great discussion between Chris Cebollero, Don Lundy, and Jay Fitch about the Pinnacle EMS conference. They talk about having the courage to advocate for quality patient care regardless of the political environment or delivery model. It is well worth listening to.

I Thought Social Media Was Stupid

Tweet Social media in EMS was a popular topic at EMS World Expo in Vegas last week, and I wish I could have been there.  The Social Medic attended a session by Justin “The Happy Medic” Schorr called “How a Blog Saved My Life.” Greg Friese also spoke about social media in EMS.  While it […]

The EMS Spouse’s Perspective

Tweet I think of going to work the same way I think of going to the gym: I usually don’t want to go, but I’m always happy when I get there. My husband has always had a much better attitude about both. I met my husband on Christmas Eve, and when I asked him what […]

Call 911and pray: a tale of four street corners

Tweet This was the title of an article that appeared in the September 2001 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine.   It describes how inconsistent EMS delivery is across the country, and adverse events that resulted in lawsuits against EMS agencies. “It depends not just on what state or municipality you live in, but because individual EMTs’ […]

What is Patient-Centered EMS?

Tweet We exist to serve the people who call us when they need help.  It means that from the time the phone in the com center rings, to the time we transfer their care to someone else, we act in their best interest.  Often this is for something that does not meet our definition of […]